Main Street, Castlewellan, County Down, Northern Ireland

The Ins, Outs and Whereabouts of Castlewellan
Stories from a small town in Northern Ireland - by Patsy Mullen

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Castlewellan is a town of some several thousand inhabitants situated in the north-east of Northern Ireland close to the Irish Sea and the Mourne Mountains. A local man, Patsy Mullen, who has lived in the town for most of the 80 years of his life has written of his knowledge and memories of the town throughout the 20th century. The resulting book has been a huge success selling perhaps 10,000 copies since Patsy first published it in 1986 and later revised it. For your enjoyment this web site presents the book in full and without charge. It is a fascinating insight into a whole way of life that is fast disappearing both in Castlewellan and in the north of Ireland as a whole. The business, sporting and recreational lives of countless amazing characters are recorded with wit and accuracy. Herein lie many rare and fascinating photographs and this is an unforgettable read for anyone associated with Castlewellan, or indeed anyone at all.

A Tour of Patsy Mullen's Museum in Castlewellan

This is a video tour of Patsy's museum in Castlewellan from 1991. The video was shot and narrated in real-time by Patsy himself. In it he describes the various artifacts he collected over the years with the help of many generous contributors. At the time this video was made, the museum was hosted in a room in Patsy's own home. It was later moved to the Down County museum in Downpatrick where many of the items can still be seen from time to time in various exhibits .

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